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Rotate Your On-Screen View

Photoshop logoIf you have ever worked on an image or graphic in Photoshop and just could not get your hand to follow the line you need, this tip will be like gold for you. Been there? Twisting your wrist in an odd way or tipping your head to get everything lined up so you can follow a line just right? Do that too long and things are going to start hurting, really.

New to Photoshop CS4, you can now rotate the image on-screen view. Just hold down the “R” key and then click and drag in your image view. As you drag in an arc across your screen the image view rotates to the angle you choose. You are NOT actually rotating the image file itself, just your view of it on screen. Photoshop even displays a compass like graphic for you, so you can always keep track of where the top of your document really is.

With one small variation, you can also rotate your view in 15 degree increments. Hold down the “R” and Shift keys together, then click and drag. Your on-screen view will snap to 15 degree steps!

The First Post in My Blog!

This is the very first post in my blog. Every blog has one and this is mine!