Drag & Drop Your Drop Shadows!

Photoshop logoPhotoshop makes so many things so very easy we sometimes take if for granted. Adding a drop shadow for instance, on any layer which contains some transparency, is as easy as pulling up the Layer Style dialogue box (Layer —> Layer Style —> Drop Shadow…). Then customize that drop shadow to your hearts content with all of the options offered.

But, it may be even easier than you realized! Once you have the Layer Style dialogue box available on your screen, move your cursor outside that box and into your image window. You will notice that the cursor turns into the move tool! Now just click in the image window and you can drag and drop your new drop shadow into the exact position you would like it to be! Simple as pie!

Drag and Drop Your Drop Shadows

As you drag the drop shadow around your image window, Photoshop instantly updates both the Angle and Distance settings for you. Once you’ve tried this out you will never again go back to manually typing the numerical information into the settings text boxes!

Would you like to see more Photoshop tips like this? Let me know you found this helpful and I will keep adding more right here. To get even more insight into Photoshop, consider membership in National Association of Photoshop Professionals, it’s worth every penny!

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