Zooming Hi-Res Images from Any Web Site

Zooming Flower imageYou can now deliver hi-resolution images from virtually any web site, with NO SLOW DOWNLOAD TIMES! These images are interactive and impressive. Through a very intuitive interface your site visitors can zoom into the on-screen image to see the finest details. All without any special software or plug-ins and, most importantly, NO slow downloads. This level of image detail can change the way you think about your web site and lends itself to many applications such as:

  • Hi resolution product images
  • Detailed real estate site views
  • Detailed electronics/components
  • Hi-res scanned documents
  • Much, much more…

The images are stored on your own web server and delivered to the viewer as needed. This allows the download time to be minimal while offering the image viewer an extraordinary level of detail for viewing. As the viewer zooms in on the image the online system delivers only that part of the image which is needed, leaving the remaining hi-resolution image data on the server but ready for retrieval on demand.

It has to be said that although you may not have seen this technology in action before now, it is not new. It has changed over the years making this visual image presentation tool more and more user friendly. There is no need for any plug-in downloads or unique software for your site visitors. The presentation platform is Flash based, a mechanism that is now very much the norm and not the exception. Any typical modern web browser application should be able to deliver these incredible images to site visitors without any troubles at all.

SteadmanTech has numerous image samples you are invited to view from our web site. The samples are generated from original images ranging from 50MB – 140MB in size. This technique can however be applied to images much much larger, hundreds of megs and even multiple gigs in size! The possibilities are endless.

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